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Pony Hü 30 – Follow my Moroccan dream

Never before in my life I have felt so close to the universe as in Morocco. The sky with the shining stars, the smell of the ocean, the sun on my skin, the sand under my feet…Morocco allows me to live in THE moment. I was looking for this…my life was passing too fast in the city. I would like to share my dream with you. I wish that my future video episodes are allowing you to step out of your daily life for one moment…and dreaming the dream with me.

…when the sun is going down…

The first moment I would like to share with you is the sunset. In the past 30 days this has been an important moment for all moslems doing ramadan. With sunset every mosque calls for the fourth prayer of the day. This is followed by Ftour, the „breakfast“ for all fasting people because it is the first meal of the day. View „Pony Hü 30 – Follow my Moroccan dream

Step out of your daily life

If YOU would like to step out of your daily life and enjoy Moroccan moments by yourself: You are very welcome at our Maison Darna. This is our new project in Morocco. You can rent Maison Darna and  according apartments for your own holidays (for yourself, your family or a group of friends), as yoga teacher for organizing a yoga retreat or as owner of a company for working on a business idea with your team. Soon we are going to offer yoga- and retreatweeks. Sign up for our newsletter.

<3 hope to see you soon in amazing Morocco,