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Hakuna Matata: How can we contribute to improve the waste situation in Morocco?

The beach is full of rubbish, public litter bins are missing. Even though plastic bags have been officially banned, plastic can still be found everywhere. The locals have not yet heard much about sustainability and throw the waste into nature, burn it and do not think of the pollutants that arise for animals, humans and nature. The commune Aourir organizes a waste transporter twice a week, but A) many locals are not willing to pay 20 Dirhams (=2 francs) per month for it and B) the recyclable is sorted out for sale, but there is no professional incinerator.

With Hakuna Matata, the first sustainable restaurant & community place in southern Morocco, we want to make a contribution to improving the waste situation in Tamraght. We not only want to work with existing organisations fighting the plastic with Beach Cleanup’s, but also get to the heart of the matter and raise awareness. How can plastic be reduced? That is our core question. This video shows you how we, as „little fish“ in the village, want to make a difference.
For german speaking people check the german version of the video.

Would you like to help us support our vision to push forward sustainability in Tamraght? Since some days our crowdfunding campaign is running on Our goal is to raise at least 10 000 euros in 45 days, so that we can realize our vision and finally open Hakuna Matata after almost a year of unsuccessful trials.
We are grateful for every donation and every passing on of our message.

Together we can make a difference. ❤
More information about Hakuna Matata.

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