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Don’t wait for the others. Let’s act now. #trash

We want to act. Hakuna Matata want to improve the trash situation in Tamraght (Morocco). Everything is full of plastic. But: How do locals see this situation? What are the problems that cause the mountains of plastic everywhere? How can this situation be improved?

We spoke with people living and working in the area of Tamraght, Aourir & Taghazout. The message of the video is clear: The commune, surfbusiness‘ & hotels, schools and associations have to work hand in hand and to take their responsibility. But also people have to become more aware of what they are doing.

Don’t wait for others to start. Start now. Together we can make a change.

At Hakuna Matata (the first sustainable organic restaurant & workshop place in Tamraght) we want to give inspiration on how you can create a place with less plastic. All our furniture is made out of natural material, we use a waterfilter instead of plastic bottles, won’t sell takeaway in plastic and we will organize workshops on sustainable topics.

Help us to make our intention happen. Support our crowdfunding.

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