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TV-Documentary Heimatland

It was a special feeling when on behalf of SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) Susan Merkofer contacted me in Morocco this spring. She wanted to cast me for the TV documentary „Heimatland“ about the topic of unemployment, a common fear in Switzerland. „Why me?“ I asked. „Because you consciously abandoned your „security“ of a permanent job to follow your life.“ That’s true. I’m not afraid of the future, because I trust the universe. I know that everything happens for a reason. Life consists of challenges. Of shadows and light. What we can learn is how to deal with both and how we can grow and become mature from something worse.

In the broadcast three completely different people are shown: A 55-year-old family father, who has been unsuccessfully looking for a job for two years, a youth who is trying to find an apprenticeship and me who don’t have worries about my future. I am aware that I polarize with my lifestyle and my point of view. It is, however, what nourishes me personally, what anchors me in the universe and what allows me to flow. Only then I am able to serve others too.

If you are interested, have a look at the broadcast. I am sorry, it is in german…

Susan Merkofer did such a great work. With much sensitivity and a sense for storytelling she combined the three stories of the protagonists. Although it is strange to see myself on a screen, I know this is me. Thank you Susan for respecting me. I am happy to have had the chance to represent a little glimpse of the trust in the universe for all of us who are together on this path. Thank you to each of you who inspires me day by day. This for all of us. <3 The change is a lifelong process and I am grateful for it.

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